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Bhanu Yerra is a Supervisory Planner at the engineering consultancy firm WSP USA in Seattle, WA. He is expereinced in providing consulting and advisory services primiarly in travel demand forecasting and ridership forecasting discplines. His services have benefited Seattle area clients like Washington Department of Transportation, City of Seattle, Sound Transit, Washington State Ferries, Community Transit. He has 16 years of technical experience in travel demand model calibration and validation, forecasting, transit ridership/patronage forecasting, toll traffic forecasting, statistical/econometric analyses, GIS technologies etc.

A few of his noteworthy projects in Seattle metropolitan area include SR 520 Bridge Replacement, Alaksam Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement, Sound Transit’s ST3 Plan, Lynnwood Link Extension (Planning and New Starts Application), Sound Transit’s Ridership Forecasting Model Update, Puget Sound Gateway Program, and Washington State Ferries Long Rane Plan.

Education and Awards

Mr. Yerra received his MS in Transporation Engineering from University of Minnesota in 2002, and his BTech in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 2000. He recevied Sommerfeld Fellowship from Department of Civil Engineering at University of Minnesta, awarded to the best applicant to their graduate program. He is a co-winner of the Charles M. Tiebout Prize in 2003, awarded by Western Regional Science Association to the best student paper published in The Annals of Regional Science.

Publications and Presentations

  • Bhanu Yerra, “Using EMME’s Path Analysis Toll to Compute Facility Specific Pure Travel Times and Costs,” presented at Model City 2014, 23rd International Emme User’s Conference, Seattle, Washington, October 2014.
  • Bhanu Yerra and Andrew Natzel, “Modeling Various Tolling Scenarios Using Emme: Seattle Experience,” at Model City 2011, 22nd International Emme User’s Conference, Portland, Oregon, September 2011.
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